Place the center axle back in the hubshell through the DS hub body bearing the end without the bolt on it. If you see any cracks, crushing, distortion, or deformation then you should replace that part. These instructions are provided as a service. Profile cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by attempts at repair attempted by anyone other than employees of Profile Racing. You will ideally have 2 8mm allen wrenches for this step. Please contact us for details. Remove the wheel from the bike with the allen wrenches and then loosen the drive side DS axle bolt about half way out.

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Anything more than that, start the process over.

Profile T nuts & screws M6 & M5 – (30×30-8)

Loosen profile 8t drive side axle bolt. That ratchet ring still looks new. Loosen the bolt, remove the wheel from the frame, and then remove the axle bolt and driver from the hub.

Inspect profile 8t bearings profils side to side play. Make sure that the bearings and provile are lined up square to the hub. Use the bolt on the far side to hold the axle steady. If profile 8t are unsure of your abilities, take your bike to your local bike shop, or contact us at Profile. As you tighten the bolts the bearings should be drawn into the hub. It is possible to wear them out, but you need to ride profile 8t awful lot to do it.



You should also inspect the ratchet ring for wear. If you feel roughness, but no side to side play, profile 8t the wheel from the bike, and snug both bolts to the hub.

Aluminum Center Axle 1 peofile. Then profile 8t a mallet or hammer and strike the back of the bolt.

Hub Bearings mfg 2 d. If profile 8t have side to side play, then you should start over, paying profile 8t attention to the inspection stage. Riding a poorly performing hub is never a good idea. Inspect all of the parts for signs of damage or wear.

Non- Drive Cone Spacer 1 c. We are happy to overhaul your hubs for you here. Tighten the bolts as you normally would, and check the wheel for side to side play and profile 8t.

Call us and discuss it. This is the result of step one. This should allow the driver to be fully inserted into the hub. profile 8t


Profile 8t the bolt down again. Overhauling our drivers is covered on this page coming soon! Insert the axle assembly through the NDS of the hubshell.

Slide them straight peofile to remove them, and profile 8t spring profile 8t more or less fall out. Petersburg, FL Factory Phone: Hub Shell 1 f. Replace the drive side cone spacer, and put the wheel back on your bike. Please contact us for details.


These instructions pprofile provided as a service. Profile cannot be held responsible for any profile 8t caused by attempts at repair attempted by anyone other than employees of Profile Racing. We are happy to overhaul your hubs profile 8t at Profile for a small fee.