Apple power supplies can be dodgy and this has worked for external drives with the same troubles. Below is a list of fixes suggested by forum users, all of which offer unpredictable degrees of success or failure. Check out this Apple thread One solution that a Mac representative gave me was to make sure the laptop sorry notebook was on a flat hard surface – this actually seemed to solve my burning DVD dilemma or it could just have been the ‘hit’ time instead of the miss anyways just experienced the problem again but on a CD this time. Now, every time I restart my computer in an attempt to fix a problem caused by this update, presumably , I always get the message:.

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But its frustrating, and I am glad that I have found this forum and other info on this, as we thought the problem was only our iMac. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

Macbook MATSHITA DVD-R UJE No Burn | Mac Support

Doctor X Registered Mar 23, Disk utility successfully burned the disk, it showed up in finder was able to use it, then i ejected it. Months ago the Superdrive in my 24″ white Intel iMac late died. The machine is out of warranty, but the Super Drive is less than a year-old. Typical of the idea of TidBits, your article is “the missing link” in owning a Mac.


Macbook MATSHITA DVD-R UJ-857E No Burn

Working all fantastic in I do have a few suggestions though. It is difficult to eject discs and multiple keystroke attempts and restarts are required to release disc. I’ve had a few Matsushita disc burners fail.

This article is an excellent u of an ongoing and growing problem. Currently I don’t need to use CDs much, but it’s annoying that the problem has never really been diagnosed.

We havent bothered to try to fix it, because we have the other 2 computers. One of those inexpensive CD reader head cleaners could be helpful.

I just upgraded the superdrive firmware don? When the optical drive quit, three months after the one-year warranty was up, I called Apple Support and was told that I needed to replace the drive. Upon return it was fine. I have a 17″ Powerbook running Some users believe the problem is simply rooted in faulty optical drives, while others are convinced problems were prompted by a recent firmware or security update.

MATSHITA UJE Firmware ZF1E Download

Only after I broke its connector to the motherboard did I realize the Superdrive sits in a snap-in plastic carrier and would have been easy to replace if I’d known that. Thank you so much for this aggregation.

Restart the computer, quit all running applications, make sure the computer is powered from the mains, and install the updater. Reader jonrichardson immediately posted a comment that a CD 857f

Growing equally rapidly is the dissatisfaction with Apple by those of us so afflicted. Below is a list of fixes suggested by forum users, all of which offer unpredictable degrees of success or failure.


Further to Scott’s comment Even if this disk problem has not been identified and cured, to know what hurdles I am facing, and that I am not alone is worth a lot. Searching I discovered that this means a problem with: Causes Offered — Given these symptoms, users have been putting their heads together, talking with Apple Geniuses, and consulting with other knowledgeable techies to arrive at some possible causes.

The first drive was replaced, but the problem persisted. They start by randomly ejecting disks when I insert them, and eventually, they stop mounting disks at all. To guard against this, we suggest you make a disk image copy of your system installer disk before performing this firmware update.

Exploring Widespread SuperDrive Problems

Here is for checking the warranty status of the machine. Now, every time I restart my computer in an attempt to fix a problem caused by this update, vvdI always get the message:.

Same problem as seemingly countless others. When I 857f to remove the file from the Utilities folder, I was told that I did not have the authority to remove the file. Symptoms and Variables — These SuperDrive-related problems evince a few common symptoms: