Plus, the mobo has USB 2. I guess it’s also possible something was screwed by an ESD As an unexpected surprise, it came with a 4-card memory reader that fits into a 3. Did you get the retail version with the 6-port memory card reader? I am considering a purchase. Mar 18, Posts: Fri May 30, 3:

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Dec 28, Posts: I had no idea it was included.

Fri May 30, 6: You should power down and inspect your installation – make sure the vid card and ram are seated well, check all cables, and reset the CMOS.

Jan 13, Posts: So is it safe to assume it’s the RAM?

ECS L7S7A2 – motherboard – ATX – Socket A – SiS746

Mar 18, Posts: So at least I know it didn’t work before I put it on the antistatic bag. Does the whole thing conduct electricity? Anyway, the mobo’s on the anti-static bag Get that off of there immediately, the reason they are anti static is dound the entire outside is conductive and keeps the electrons from the inside. Aug 21, Posts: I guess it’s also possible something was screwed by an ESD So I have to use the switch on the power supply instead.


Elitegroup L7S7A2 Rev Motherboard socket AMD A AGP 5xPCI Sound LAN 4xUSB

Nevertheless, the closest thing is a ram code I am considering a purchase. Fri May 30, 5: I p7s7a2 ECS wanted to dump all of their older units since no one was buying them and found an outlet by coupling them with the MB.

Captainpabst Ars Praefectus Tribus: So WinXP doesn’t need to be reinstalled.

Looks like ram is the likely culprit The card reader is USB1. Did you get the retail version with the 6-port memory card reader?

What’s odd is this card has a SiS chip and it works fine in another computer, but it doesn’t work in the L7S7A2 that has a SiS chipset! You’d figure the SiS’s would get along. There’s never anything on the monitor.

ECS L7S7A2 – motherboard – ATX – Socket A – SiS Overview – CNET

The version I have has onboard sound and LAN neither which were tested. I’m not sure why I’d want to do that, but I now have the option. Fri May 30, Wait, let me quote Toolio’s comp diag checklist here; I remembered to save it once: Time to start the l7a7a2. Sure sounds like two beeps, albeit very fast and close together.


Mar 8, Posts: After the problem with the video card, things went smooth.

All it does is beep like this: Usually those are OEM or in laptops I booted into WinXP and it detected a bunch of new mobo devices and such, then it rebooted and everything still works like it did with the old K7S5A.