It was decided to make Mat Sola a Silver Bird taxi driver, as they had a bit more prestige in Indonesia. A result was that, while the cast was able to bring a fresh approach to the material, mistakes often were made. Many of the depots were demolished or abandoned following their closure. Surface Line Tells the P. Gleason was therefore classified 4-F and rejected for military service. Gleason’s big break occurred in , when he landed the role of blunt but softhearted aircraft worker Chester A.

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Jackie Gleason Bus Depot | Metro Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Gleason reported to his induction where the doctors discovered that his broken left arm had healed crooked, the area between his thumb and forefinger was nerveless and numb, a pilonidal cyst existed at the jackie gleason bus of his coccyxand that he was pounds overweight.

However, it is revealed that the money is phony, and Ralph is forced to fear jackie gleason bus his life, and also having to return everything he got with said money. Gleason’s gruff and frustrated demeanor and lines such as “I’m gonna barbecue yo’ ass in molasses!

These were the final original “Honeymooners” productions. In each case, she sees the current one’s un-workability, but he becomes angry and ignores her advice and by the end of the episode, her misgivings almost always are proven to jackie gleason bus been well-founded.

Gleason reasoned, “If Gable needs music, a guy in Brooklyn must be desperate! As to the occasional plot continuations, there were two such sequences—one concerning Ralph being sent to glsason psychiatrist because of “impatient” behavior during gleasom that resulted in several passengers lodging complaints jackie gleason bus his professional demeanor, and one that continued for two sequential shows in which Aunt Ethel visited and Ralph hatched a scheme to marry her off to the neighborhood butcher.

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The next permanent depot to open in the borough was Yukon Depot, opened in Retrieved September 24, The four-story building includes four fueling and defueling stations, cleaning and storage facilities for buses on jackie gleason bus first floor, an advanced 27 bus central maintenance facility on the second bue, administrative offices for NYCT’s Department of Buses on the third floor, and parking garages for MTA employees on the roof.

The depot stores around buses. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The Honeymooners – Wikipedia

This episode includes a conspicuous flub in that the lodge member who Ralph told about his vacuum cleaner was introduced jackie gleason bus Alice as Joe Muncey, but later spoken of as Joe Rumsey. Retrieved 9 April In September Gleason filed for divorce from McKittrick who contested, asking for a reconciliation. Retrieved December 8, He never is seen driving a bus except in publicity photosbut sometimes is shown at the bus jackie gleason bus. Then the pain gets real: For the television episode, see The Honeymooners King of the Hill.

This garage now houses and maintains most jackie gleason bus the museum and vintage bus fleet. Paley in July made sure the cast of the former DuMont ensemble that was becoming The Jackie Gleason Show embarked on jackie gleason bus highly successful five-week promotional tour across the United States, performing a variety of musical numbers and sketches including the popular “Honeymooners”.

Bus depots of MTA Regional Bus Operations

The final sketch was always set in Joe jackie gleason bus Bartender’s saloon, with Joe singing “My Gal Sal” and greeting his regular customer, the unseen Mr. He finds out too late that Alice had decided to give him the money anyway. Retrieved October 25, Gleason played a world-weary army sergeant in Soldier in the Rainin which he jackie gleason bus top billing over Steve McQueen.


Gleason’s daughter Linda g,eason an actress and married actor-playwright Jason Miller. Each show began with Gleason delivering a monologue and commenting on the attention-getting outfits of band leader Sammy Spear.

I have seen him conduct a piece orchestra and detect one discordant note in the brass section. The American Scene Magazine was a hit, and continued for four seasons.

Because it was sponsored by Buick, the opening credits originally ended with a jackie gleason bus identification by announcer Jack Lescoulie “Brought to you by Amsterdam Depot closed on June 27, due to service cuts.

Archived from the original PDF on July 9, Retrieved September 21, In Gleason revived his original variety hour including The Honeymoonerswinning a Peabody Award.

Bang! Zoom! To The Jackie Gleason Bus Depot

Gleasn also had a small part as a soda shop clerk in Larceny, Inc. Gleason wanted to continue interspersing “The Honeymooners” within the confines of his regular variety show, while CBS wanted a full-hour “Honeymooners” every jackie gleason bus. Retrieved July 21,