The HD screen of the Dell Inspiron Mini is not offered and you have to make do with the lower-resolution version. Luckily the keyboard layout of the Dell Inspiron Mini was adopted for this model. The headphone jack on the right side allows the netbook to be hooked up to an external stereo system but not to a headset since the netbook lacks the necessary combination port. The new Bluetooth standard can theoretically transfer up to 24 MBit per second and is therefore noticeably faster than Bluetooth 2. Replacing the hard drive doesn’t come easy, though, since there’s no opening at the bottom of the case through which to access it.

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The range of viewing angles is dell inspiron mini 1018 video good in the horizontal plane. On Youtube and other websites, videos in p or p do not run smoothly, forcing you to turn back the settings to p. Views Read Edit View history. Application performance is not up to par. The vdieo were not surprisingly less than impressive.

All in all, the temperature values are slightly high, so inspkron keeping the netbook on your lap over a long period of time – say on a train or outdoors – can become uncomfortable. Cinebench R10 Rendering Single 32Bit. Its variety of settings are more than enough for typical users.

Review: Dell Inspiron Mini 1018 Netbook

The new Bluetooth standard can theoretically transfer up to 24 MBit per second and is therefore mihi faster than Bluetooth 2. Headphone Jack, USB 2.


The keys also have a pleasant shape and feel. Dell initially shipped versions of the Mini 9 with only partially usable storage, after models were built using a software image that fit just the basic 4GB SSD. Additional accessories can be purchased at Dell’s online store at an extra cost. The screen is evenly lit and no flickering dell inspiron mini 1018 video be detected with the naked eye.

By using this site, you agree to fideo Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. World in Conflict – Benchmark You can read texts, watch movies and and look at photos with relatively no restrictions. Streak Venue Pro Venue.

Dell Inspiron Mini Series – Wikipedia

While not labelled an “Inspiron Mini” or marketed as a netbook, the Inspiron 11z has replaced the Mini 12 in most markets and occupies a similar position in the model line. Unfortunately, sound coming from the single speaker feels very unbalanced when you sit in front of the netbook. If you just want to surf the web a bit with moderate display brightness, a good 7 mni and 44 minutes will pass before dell inspiron mini 1018 video the battery.

Dell inspiron mini 1018 video with a driver from Elantech, it can be used for scrolling, 3 button operation, dragging, resizing, rotating pictures and system shortcuts as Start Menu and Explorer on Windowsbrowser back and forward, minimizing and maximizing windows, window switching, desktop showing and hiding, and running custom commands.

Gaming Summary In order to gain deeper insight into the gaming capability of the Intel GMA graphics card, we tested seven games.


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Please dell inspiron mini 1018 video our article, every link counts! Compared to the Minithis netbook currently comes with dell inspiron mini 1018 video two USB 2. As of Januarythe model has been made available in Asia. The Mini 10 is a netbook with a Dell has put in place a highly reflective For this, the highest performance settings for Windows 7 are chosen as well as maximum display brightness and the wi-fi is activated.

Large display-sizes allow higher resolutions. The hardware temperature is maintained by a cooling body made of copper.

Dell Inspiron Mini Series

Disk data transfer rate. The sound quality through this jack is decent but some static can be heard.

In comparison to an HD-ready screen x pixels, p this WSVGA resolution leaves less room dell inspiron mini 1018 video screen content, sometimes making horizontal scrolling necessary and decreasing productivity. The reflective screen can however be problematic. Special overclocking or power saving software is not offered by Dell, for which you’d have to rely on Windows 7 performance settings.