A few minutes later a result report will be faxed back to the number that is set in your Station ID. Chances are most incoming faxes will not be original data transmissions. No warning was given about the system reboot so be sure to save any open documents. Startup BitWare so you can see the row of BitWare icons. If this line does not exist, add it.

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The software can be used for both business and personal use, Simply Messenger PRO offers a feature-rich environment that is a complete message manager that will save you time and increase your efficiency. Help System The Bitware on-line help system was one of the best of the four packages.

Printing fax logs is one of these features. Ensure that only Default Mailbox Greeting is checked. It can modemm be changed later under Setup-Station. This is a common problem due to the way BitWare has been setup.

Your logs and address books will remain as they are. INI usually in c: The second method is bitwsre create a fax document directly in the Bitware program.

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Essentially the user places the program in fax forward mode and specifies a send delay time and the forwarding number. Note that CallerID must be enabled with your telephone line for this function to operate.


If you wish to be thorough, also remove any references to BitWare in the files c: Try changing to most sensitive or least biyware – change the duration from 6 to 4 or 2. Just click on the ‘Receive’ button on the main Bitware window and a fax manager starts up. A few minutes later a result report will be faxed back to the number that is set in your Station ID. You will also have to set your fax software to automatically bbitware faxes.

The send fax window did not show the list of recipients. Cheyenne Bitware Installing Cheyenne Bitware.

External High Speed Fax/data Modem Cheyenne Hayes Bitware Windows F/d Software

Within Word, under File – Printcheck that the printer is set to the one you wish to use as default. The dit-dit tone indicates the number does not exist.

Check for the line comm. It included a handy thumbnail view of the received faxes for quick browsing, a feature not found on any of the other programs. Download the file modems.

We recommend you use speakerphone mode in data mode for best results.


The user is never really sure if their mouse click has registered on the tab. Computer Associates, the developers of BitWare, maintain a technical support site at http: If this line does not exist, add it.

Receiving Faxes Setting up Bitware to receive faxes is relatively simple. You can transmit, receive, store, and recall your voice, fax, e-mail, and pager messages from a single location.

All Diamond Voice modems comply bifware the Australian standards, falling within required telecommunications parameters.

Index of /drivers/MODEM/CA_BitWare/SoftWare/bitware/spa/disk2

Click OKthen Close. Also, you might check the playback volume in Voice System Setup. One problem we found with Bitware’s implementation of this method was that the Bitware program had to have been running else the fax driver would fail.

For output file, type in the name of the file you wish to save the log as, eg. Additionally, a second silence period at the beginning of the Initial Greeting allowing the modem to hear the tones helps with this problem.